5 Reasons to Start Blogging in 2023

Most of the people are confused if they should start blogging in 2023 or not? It's a common question among all newbie. So let's answer to this.
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So many people think that blogging is dead. I definitely had these things in my head when I first started blogging last year, but since then, I've been able to create a profitable five websites generating over 1000 dollars  per month. And I can definitely say that none of these things are true. Blogging is definitely alive. And there's plenty of opportunity for anybody to get started today.

So, today I'm going to give five different reasons why you should start a blog. We will go throughly about each and every detail why you can start your currier in blogging industry.

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5 Reasons to Start Blogging in 2023

5 Reasons to Start Blogging in 2023

Blogging really has a wide scope in present and will be there in future. People want to be updated daily on different topics and Blogging makes it possible. Let's go through some reasons why to start blogging in 2023.

1. Blogging is Fun

You should forget about trying to make money, trying to get exposure, trying to just create something that replaces your full time job. And instead just think of it as a hobby. Think of it as something you do just because you enjoy it. There's plenty of people out there that are blogging just for the hobby, not because they don't have it monetized. They don't plan on getting it monetized and they just do it because they enjoy it.

Now a lot of people might not agree with this. They might think, blogging just as a business, which is fine if you don't really enjoy it, but I really think the most successful people in this space are the ones that are actually enjoying what they're doing because they put a lot more pride into their work. 

Now there's some aspects of blogging that you might not like. For me personally, I'm not a fan of the writing part. I hate writing blog posts, which is a problem because 90% of being a blogger is actually writing the work. But the good thing about blogging is that anything that you don't like, you can just outsource it, which is what I've been doing. 

2. Blogging teaches us Valuable Skills 

Blogging teaches us Valuable Skills

Another reason why you should start blogging is because it teaches you valuable skills that you can use outside of just your blog. For example, if you're writing all your blog posts yourself, over time, you'll get better and better at writing blog posts. You'll be better at researching the content, writing everything down and just making a high quality posts. 

Another skill that you will learn is SEO, learning how to rank articles on search engines.That's a very valuable skill that a lot of businesses will hire people to do the SEO for their own websites in their own businesses. So it's definitely a valuable skill that over time you'll learn and since I've been blogging, I've learned more and more stuff about SEO and I feel like I'm getting better and better and it's definitely a valuable skill that I wanted. 

Another valuable skill that you'll learn while you're blogging is networking. So a big part of blogging is reaching out to other people and trying to get you know, guest posts or having them come on to your website. You go onto their website. And it's one of the top ranking factors on Google is how many people are linking back to your website and the biggest way to get those backlinks and attention to your site is you need to be really good at networking. So that's another valuable skill that isn't easy for everybody to do. And over time you get better and better at it. And it's definitely a valuable skill that you will get from blogging.

3. Blogging helps People 

The third reason why you should start blogging is just because helping people feels good. That's a big reason why I'm writing this article and why I write bunch of article on this website. And it's the same thing with blogging when you're creating content and answering people's questions. It gives you a good feeling, knowing that you've helped somebody to solve a problem. 

Imagine if you create a blog that was generating 1000s of views per month or even per day. Imagine how good that would feel knowing that you're helping 1000s of people all the time, answer their problems and figure things out. And the bigger your platform, the more people you can help and it just it feels really good. So that's another reason why you should start blogging.

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4. Generates Passive Income 

Generates Passive Income

Passive income is one of the biggest buzzwords on blogging. Income I'm making from my website is passive income. To get that income I had to work. I have a full time job. So the only time I get to work on this website is either at the end of the day when I get home from work, or on my weekend, and since I started blogging a year ago, my whole weekends have been dedicated to working on my blog.

I pretty much have no free time. For the most part I'm just working on my blog, researching things, editing articles, creating videos now, it's definitely a lot of work and there's definitely not passive. But once you've done all the work and you've built it up, it does become passive. And the more work you're doing is just building up that passive income to a larger amount. Because I could cut everything off. I could stop posting blogs, I can stop doing everything that I'm doing, and I'll still earn that income for a while. 

I don't know if it'll probably go down slowly over time, but I will still earn the income and it will be passive. So that's one reason why blogging is awesome. It is passive income and that it keeps coming even if you stop working. If you just don't want to work at all for a week you want to go on a vacation, you can just stop everything, go on vacation, and you'll still be getting that money coming into your bank account.

5. Financial Freedom 

The fifth reason why you should start a blog one of my biggest motivators is that you can quit your boring job and you can be financially free. So financial freedom is when your passive income from your investments or your business gets large enough to pay all your bills. That's the ultimate goal because at that point, you can do whatever you want, and you don't have to worry about money. So you can work however you want. 

You can start doing hobbies because you don't have to spend 40 hours a week doing a job that you don't like just to collect a paycheck. You're going to be a lot happier when your life is based around what you want to do, and not what you have to do just to survive. So that's one of my biggest motivators to blogging, 

I'm focusing on the websites because that's going to give me my greatest return. Last year I created a website worth over 30 grand and I generated 600 bucks So, there's definitely a higher return with website so that's what I'm definitely focusing on. On overall I think from blogging, I'm going to be able to reach my goal of retiring early or quitting my day job a lot sooner than I had planned. 


So those are the five reasons why I think you should start blogging. I hope that convinced you. There is definitely a lot of opportunity out there and people think that blogging is dead and it's hard to get into now there's too much competition. 

But if you really do your research and watch a lot of YouTube videos, you can see that there's still plenty of opportunity to for anybody to get into blogging, and people are creating websites every day that are becoming very successful. I never thought that I would be making 1000 dollar per month after only one year of blogging and I definitely didn't come from any sort of background that would help me with that.

If I can do it, anybody can do it. So if you're considering starting a blog, I think you should just do it now. Who knows you might be surprised in the year of what you achieve, just like I did. Anyways, let me know what you think about this topic in the comment section.

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