Blog Post Not Indexed By Google ? Try 5 Troubleshooting Methods

You have created a new blog post and if it's not being indexed means there is something wrong. So what it could possibly be. Let's find out.
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Bloggers always have to face several problems while trying to rank our post in Google. Among all the types of problems, post indexing problems are common among all blogger.

If you want to drive a huge amount of traffic to your website then at first your site should come up in search result.  Inorder to appear your site in Google search results, it needs to be indexed first. However, you may not want to index your only one post instead you may want the search to recrawl and index your every post of your site continuously. 

Well, you might know that Google bots crawl your site very time you post a new article on your site. Google assign a crawl budget to every site depending on their domain authority and frequency of posting. 

During our research, we have also found that duplicate or plagiarism content takes longer time to get indexed than original content. You should also be calm and wait because some post takes even a week or two to get indexed.

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Blog Post Not Indexed By Google ? 

Blog Post Not Indexed By Google ?

If you have a blog post that is not being indexed by Google, it may be because your post is not in the search engine results pages (SERPs). SERPs are the first page of Google search, and are where you see the most popular search terms for a particular topic. If your post is not being indexed, you may want to consider adding it to a list of your blog’s topics for better visibility.

Unless your post is indexed in Google it can't appear in Google search results. Sometimes Google only crawl your site but it doesn't index it. If you have submitted your site in Google search console then Google provides you the reason behind not indexing your site. 

Well, Google doesn't guarantee any publisher to crawl and index their site. There are millions of post being published every single hour. Google has to crawl and index each of them. So Google takes longer time to index a new site.

Why is my blog not getting indexed ?

There may be many reason behind this. If you want to know about all reason then keep reading this article till. Now without any further do let's have a look on the factors affecting your post from being indexed on Google.

1. Random Publishing Schedule 

If you are new in blogging industry then you must keep in mind that your publishing schedule also plays a vital role for your post to get indexed by Google. 

If you post everday at same time then Google search engines bots will decide a fix time for crawling your site. But if you post on random time then Google bots needs time to crawl your site. 

This may be the reason behind not getting your post indexed. Try to publish your post in a fix time and check the difference in time taken to get your post indexed by Google. 

2. Low Domain Authority 

Your site domain authority also has a major role for your site to get indexed.  Google sets a budgets of Google bots to crawl your sites according to your site domain authority. Now if your domain authority is zero then it doesn't mean that your post won't get indexed. 

Your post will surely get indexed but it will take longer time than the site having high domain authority.  The time taken by Google bots to crawl your site varies from 1 weeks to even a month.

I personally have faced this issue several times due to low DA. If your site have low DA and your post is not getting indexed then don't get panicked, just wait for some days.

3. Presence of Noindex Attributes 

You need to be very careful while setting up your site. Even a small mistake can leave a big impact. 

Evertime you upload a new post, Google send Google bots to crawl your post and if they find noindex attribute in your site then they won't crawl your post. The noindex attribute informs Google bots not to crawl and index your post.

You need to check whether your site contains noindex attribute or not. Incase if your site contains noindex attribute then you need to set your post, pages and site to index. It informs Google bots that your post can be crawled and indexed. 

4. Lack of Crawl Budget 

This problems usually occurs with big sites. If you are running a big site then it sure that it contains thousands of post. You or your team may be uploading 10-20 post everyday then in this condition your site crawl budget may get over. 

Now don't get confused between crawling budget and crawling time. They both are some how similar but not some. Like I already told you Google sets crawling budget and time for each site depending on their site DA. I also mentioned that big site have higher crawling budgets then a smaller site.

But sometime due to a large size of your site, the crawling budgets may get over. It stops indexing your new post but you don't need to worry this issue is temporary and only lasts for few days may be 1 or 2, depending on your site size.

5. Missing of Sitemap 

Sitemap is the most necessary element needed in your site from SEO perspective. A sitemap tells Google crawlers to crawl and index your site and posts. It also indicates them which post are to be crawled and which are not. 

A sitemap works as a roadmap for your website that enables search engines to instantly locate all your significant pages, regardless of whether your website has any internal linking structure or not. 

If your site is new then you must have sitemap else none of your post will get indexed by Google. Sitemap also helps user to find specific pages of your site.

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How to index blog post in Google ?

We have already discussed about the major reason behind not getting your post indexed by Google. Now we can easily find out the reason why Google is not crawling and indexing your post. Even if you have find out the problem then also you may be wandering how to solve that problem and index your post in Google. 

Now let's have a quick looks on how to index your blog post on Google. You can try out the methods given below to index your site in Google.
  1. Make a Schedule for posting 
  2. Remove noindex attribute from your site 
  3. Include sitemap in your site
  4. Index posts manually 
  5. Add internal links in your post
  6. Create a unique content


If you have a unique content and has all the above mentioned points then I'm sure that your post will get indexed. Duplicate or plagiarism content won't get indexed in Google and even if it get indexed it won't rank in Google. So always try to create a unique content with unique ideas so that you can compete with others. 

I hope this article helped you to solve some of your doubts. If you have any questions then let me know through your comments. 

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