How To Disable Copy Paste of Text in Blogger in 2023

If you are trying to disable copy paste of text in blogger for viewers then this article will definitely help you a lot.
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If you are a blogger then you may be very sensitive towards the content you provide to people. Writing a perfect Blog Post surely takes a lot of research, hardwork  and time but copying the post takes no time. There may be so many people out there who are just copying other content and posting them in their site. So, we should also focus on protecting our content as well. 

When someone copies your content in their website and if that gets indexed faster then your content then your content will be Plagiarism. If that happens then your content will be of no use as it won't get rank because Google will consider your content as copied content. Protecting your content is your responsibility and you should protect them. 

Many people are facing copied content problems in their original content which is due to other people who copy your content and use it in their site without your permission. So inorder to solve copy and paste of text in blogger and to protect your content I have brought the solution. 

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Ways To Disable Copy Paste of Text in Blogger in 2023

How To Disable Copy Paste of Text in Blogger in 2023

There are many ways of disabling right click or copy paste of text in blogger.  Today I'll teach you two simple ways of disabling copy paste of text in blogger. First of all I'll teach your to protect your content by using css code and second I'll teach you to disable right click using javascript. Both the methods are briefly described below.

If you read the full article then you'll get a clear idea on how to disable right click in blogger. Both methods are described separately by giving them heading so that you won't have to face any confusion between which method uses css and which method uses Javascript. So without any further do let's begin. 

Disable Copy Paste in Blogger Using CSS

You can easily disable right click in blogger using css code. This method may not protect your content 100% as some may extract text from your source code but this method can protect your content from normal users.  Follow the given steps to disable copy paste of text in blogger:

Step 1 : Login to your blogger dashboard 

Step 2 : Click on theme

Step 3 : Click on Edit Html

Step 4 : Now search for the code ;  ]]></b:skin> 

Step 5 : Now paste the CSS code given, just above the code " ]]></b:skin> "

Css Code

body { -webkit-user-select: none !important; -moz-user-select: -moz-none !important; -ms-user-select: none !important; user-select: none !important; }

Please take a backup of your theme before using the css code for safety.

Now, if you are facing any problems while finding the code " ]]></b:skin> " then you don't need to worry. There is an alternative method to use the given css code in your website to prevent copy paste of text in blogger. For implementing the alternative method you need to copy the code given below which is labelled as alternative code. You need to paste that code just above the closing body tag i.e  " </body> "

Alternative Code 

<style> body { -webkit-user-select: none !important; -moz-user-select: -moz-none !important; -ms-user-select: none !important; user-select: none !important; }</style>

Disable Copy Paste in Blogger Using Javascript 

As, I have already told you that you can also disable copy paste of text in blogger using javascript.  If you use this code then user can easily copy text from your website but can't paste them in notepad or in any other text editor. Disable right click in blogger using javascript is much more easier as compared to css code. You don't need to go through a long process which might be full of confusion. You just need to follow the simple instructions given below.

Copy the Javascript code and paste it just above </body> tag in your theme.

$('body').bind('copy cut drag drop', function (e) { e.preventDefault(); });

I recommend you to use css code instead of javascript as it is more secure and doesn't affect site speed

Why should we disable right click in blogger?

Disabling right click in very much important for protecting our content. It prevent other from copying text or content from our site.  If you are not willing to display the source code to the user then you can disable right click in blogger. Disabling right click also disable user to inspect elements of your site.

The main advantage of disabling right click in blogger is that your content will be safe. No one can steal your data so easily but some user having high knowledge in programming might steal your data even if you have disabled right click. So, it can only help you to save your data from normal users. 

Why shouldn't we disable right click in blogger?

If you have eduational website where you provide notes or if you have a site where you provide codes for user then I recommend you not to disable right. It becomes annoying for user when they aren't able to copy the important text or code. They might leave your site due to that which affect your ranking as bounce rate will be higher. 

Every user don't have intention to copy your content.  They might be there just for learning purpose. You should also focus on user comfort beside protecting your content. It is because if user don't have easy access to your content then they won't be visiting your site again. 


You'll be able to disable right click in blogger by following the steps which ate discussed above. It depends on you whether you want to disable right click in your site or not. I hope this article helped you somehow. If you are facing any problems while implementing the script then feel free to comment down.  That's all for today I'll see you soon with such amazing articles till then take care.

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