How to Write a Blog Post for Beginners in 2023

Many new blogger struggles to write a perfect and seo friendly blog post. So, we are going to teach them each and every step in this article.
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If you are a new in blogging industry then you might be wandering on how to write a blog post in 2023. Writing a perfect blog post is not so easy. Every beginner make mistakes while writing their first blog post due to which they had to face several problems in future.

If you are unable to write a perfect blog post then your article won't rank in Google. You won't be able to drive organic traffic to your website. So you should be very much careful while write your blogpost. You need to do perfect SEO while writingbyour blog post for ranking it on Google. So today I'm going to drive you through 10 tips for writing a perfect blog post in 2023 for beginners.

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10 Tips For Writing A Perfect Blog Post

How to Write a Blog Post for Beginners in 2022

All right! So, you want to write your first blog post, but have no idea how to start ? Well, writing a first blog post can be challenging for every blogger. So you need to read this artcile to learn how to write your first blog post. Today i will be sharing you 10 tips to help you write your first blog post. So let's get started without any further delay.

1. Decide what to write 

If you have never written a blog post earlier then at first you need to decide what you will write about. You should pick something you are passionate about and love to talk or write about. If you are passionate about something then you won't lose your hope easily with your content.

2. Have Subjective Knowledge 

Before you start writing about any particular topic then at first you need to have basic subjects knowledge about that topic. If you already know about that topic that you are going to write about, that's perfect for you. If not then go find information by reading other blogs, articles and magazines. And once you have collected the information then start writing. 

3. Write Headline First 

How to Write a Blog Post for Beginners in 2022

Heading is the most important part of the content. Maximum number of audience will read the headline and only go through your content. It means you must always start with a catchy headline that attracts reader's attention. If your headline is not so attractive and catchy then no one is going read your article. Also while writing the headline of your blog post, you shouldn't go away from the topic. 

4. Start Writing 

Most people are taking many days or even a week to write their first article. why? It's because they are writing for the first time and it can be fearful as a lots of negative thoughts come to the mind. But you shouldn't overthink about that. Simply get yourself out of fears and negative thought that come in your mind and start writing.

5. Make Article Skimmable 

You need to come up with proper content that the readers will love to read them. A good piece of content can vary from 500 words to 1000 words. You should try not to make your artcile less than 500 words because it may be bad for SEO perspective.

And also don't overwrite your content. If your artcile is more than 1000 words then it be annoying to readers. Try to break your artcile into the small paragraphs and make the content skimmable so that the readers don't find it boring.

6. Be Yourself 

When you are starting to write your first blog post then you may get attracted towards other successful bloggers writing ideas and copy their writing styles. But you should never try to copy anyone's writing style. You have to create your own writing style. This is called being yourself because your writing style is your brand.

7. "I" and "you" rule

While writing your content, always think as if you are talking directly to your reader and they are sitting just next to you. This will help you make your article interactive . Try using "I" and "you" throughout your article becaue this helps to create a connection with your readers.

8. Use Attractive Images 

How to Write a Blog Post for Beginners in 2022

If you are writing your blog post then don't forget to add images in your blog post because images do the talking and sometimes they do the explanation in a much better way than what your 1000s of words cannot do. So adding images in your blog post make your article more beautiful and professional as well. Blog post with images has better chance of ranking then artciles without images. Sometimes you image gets ranked faster than your article.

9. Format For Readability 

If you have ever visited old websites then you must have noticed how tough it is to read their articles. It is because the writer didn't format the article for better readability. You shouldn't be one of those writers, try to use proper heading formats and consider using bullet points to make it simple and catchy.

Use bold letters to highlight main points whenever required. If you write your articles in a proper format then it will be easier for your readers to read the article. 

10. End With Call To Action 

After you have finished discussing each and every points related to your heading then you need to end your artcile with proper sentence. I personally prefer to call this part as "End with call to action ".

You should be clear what your readers should do after reading your blog post, don't keep them hanging in the middle. Let them know what to do next and always end up with a call to action. Now A call to action can be anything like asking them to comment or subscribe to newsletter. Try to end your blog post motivating readers to do something special. You can also ask viewers about their personal opinion about the topic.


So, these were the top 10 tips to write your first blog post. Hope you will learn from these tips and will be able to write your first blog post. If you want to become a better writer, follow each and every tips mentioned. And before I go I have a question for you, how often do you write. Let me know in the comments below.

Is it good to start blogging in 2023?

I know everyone is afraid of starting a new blog in 2023. It is probably because people think that our content won't rank in Google because of ChatGPt but it is not true at all. It is all right to start blogging in 2023. If you put your effort then I'm positive that you'll get success.

How to be a successful blogger in 2023?

Inorder to become a successful blogger in 2023, you need to focus on the content that cannot be created with the help of ChatGpt. For an example, you can start a PDF downloading site. Your idea and content should be unique if you want to get success in blogging.

What is the trend in blogging in 2023?

There is no any specific trend in blogging. It is because the trend keep on changing every day. Recently, Facebook launched Threads and people were unknown about it. There were high chances of ranking if people wrote any new information related to threads, an Instagram app.

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