Top 10 IT Companies in India 2023

Some of the most important qualities for an IT company are creativity, innovation, and the ability to quickly address challenges. They should also....
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As technology advances, it is important to keep up with the latest industry trends in order to stay ahead of the curve. One such trend is IT companies. 

IT companies are responsible for providing a variety of services that help organizations stay afloat, including information technology, design, deployment, and management. They can also be found responsible for enhancing company culture and delivering value to customers.

IT companies are even responsible for the day-to-day operations of businesses. They may also provide other services, such as IT support. IT companies tend to specialize in a certain field, such as Information technology, software development, or telecommunications.

Some of the most important qualities for an IT company are creativity, innovation, and the ability to quickly address challenges. They should also be able to work with other departments to create a cohesive system.

What is meant by IT company? 

We keep on hearing about different IT companies news, their daily services and growth. I have also mentioned a lot about IT companies above. But have you every tired to know, what really IT company means ? If you tired to remember then your teacher might have taught you about information technology ( IT ) in 4th or 5th grade.

Well if you don't remember then that's fine. I can explain you about that. It's very much important to know what IT companies means before talking about them. Information technology ( IT ) companies are those companies which provides the information technology services. It also oversees the use of devices storing, retrieving, and sending information.

10 Highest Paying IT Companies in India 

Top 10 IT Company in India 2022

There are many IT companies offering services in India. Information technology companies enroll many employees every year and train them in the latest technologies. The main objective of these companies is to provide secure, reliable, user-friendly and robust services to the users. But Only a Few companies have been able to secured a place in the Top 10 IT Companies In India with their outstanding performance. If you are looking for an amazing IT company in India. Here is the list of top 10 IT companies in India.

1. Tata Consultancy Services 

Tata Consultancy Services ( TCS ) is the largest IT company in India in terms of revenue with 22 billion US dollars and over five lakh employees working with a TCS.  It was founded by Tata sons in 1996. The chairman of TCS is Natarajan Chandrasekaran and the CEO is Rajesh Gopinathan.

Tata Consultancy Services is an IT services consulting business solution provider that has been partnering with world's largest businesses in their transformation journey for the last 50 years. Tata Consultancy Services ( TCS ) is also the largest company in India in terms of market capitalization. 


Cyber security, automation & AI, Internet of things, cognitive business operations, engineering and industrial services etc are the main services provided by Tata Consultancy Services. TCS also provide many facilities to its employees such as health, job training, free transport etc. 


Infosys is a popular Indian multinational information technology company that provides business consulting, information technology and outsourcing services. The headquarter of INFOSYS in located in Bangalore. 

Salil Parekh is the CEO of INFOSYS and the chairman of this company is Nandan Nilekani. There are 276,319 employees working in the company. INFOSYS company earns a revenue of Rs 1,02,673 Crore.


Cloud-based services, consulting services, cyber security, digital marketing,  application development, application modernization, data analytics, internet of things, testing, salesforce, blockchain, incubating emerging and digital marketing are the services provided by INFOSYS. 

3. HCL Technologies

HCL is one of the best IT companies in India. HCl is leading global IT services company that helps global enterprises re imagine and transform their business through digital technology transformation. The headquarter of the company is in Noida, Uttar Pradesh India.

HCL Technologies was founded 11 August 1976 by Shiv Nadar. C Vikaykumar is the CEO of this company.  There are 208,877 employees working in the company and the total revenue of this company is Rs 76,306 Crore.

Next-gen network services, VLSI design services, cyber security & GRC services, finance-related services, application support, supply chain administrations, digital counselling etc. are the services provided by HCL Technologies. 


Wipro is one of the leading and most innovating Information Technology company in India. The headquarter of the company is located in Sarjapur Road, Bangalore, Karnataka India.

It was founded on 29 December 1945 by M.H Hasham Premji. The CEO & MD of the company is Thierry Delaporte. There are 231,671 employees working in the company and the total revenue of this company is Rs 64,338 Crore.


Data analytics & AI, infrastructure services, application, digital operations & platforms, blockchain, cyber security and consulting are the services provided by WIPRO.

5. Redington (India) Limited

Redington Limited is an Indian IT company. R. Srinivasan and R. Jayachandran are the founder of Redington ( India ). It was founded in 1993. The headquarter of Redington ( India ) Limited is in Tamil Nadu, India.

Ramesh Natarajan is the CEO of Redington ( India ). There are 3177 employees working in Redington and the total revenue of Redington is Rs 47,996 Crore. 


SOC & NOC Services, IT Consulting Services Storage, Data Center & Virtualization Solutions, Converged Networking Solutions, ICT and Physical Security Solutions, Cloud Services & Solutions are the services provided by Redington ( India ).

6. Tech Mahindra Ltd

Tech Mahindra Ltd is an Indian multinational IT services and consulting company. The headquarter of the company is in Pune, Maharashtra, India and and has its registered office in Mumbai.

The company was founded on 24 October 1986 by Anand MahindraC.P. Gurnani is the MD & CEO of this company. There are 141,193 employees working in this company and the total revenue of the company is 38,642 crore.


Cloud services, data analytics, digital supply chain, SAP, testing services, cyber security,  artificial intelligence, network services, and intelligent automation are the services provided by Tech Mahindra Ltd. 

7. Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd

Larsen & Toubro Infotech Limited (LTI) is another Indian multinational information technology services and consulting company based in Mumbai, India. A M Naik is the founder chairman of this company. It was founded on 23 December 1996. The headquarter of LTI is in Ballard Estate, Mumbai India.

Sanjay Jalona is the CEO and Managing Director of LTI. There are 35,991 employees working in the company and the total revenue of this company is 12,644 crore.

Blockchain, system integration, cloud services, next-generation workplace, information technology consulting services and application development are the services provided by Larsen & Toubro Infotech ( LTI ).

8. Mphasis Limited

Mphasis Limited is an Indian multinational  IT services and consulting company which is based in Bangalore. It provides infrastructure technology and applications outsourcing services. The headquarter of  Mphasis Limited is in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Mphasis Limited was founded in 1998 by Jerry Rao and Jeroen Tas. Nitin Rakesh is the CEO of Mphasis Limited. There are 29,473 employees working in Mphasis and the total revenue is Rs 9,855 crore. 


Application services, business process services, infrastructure services, cloud services, DevOps Automation Services, blockchain, cyber security and next-gen IT operations are the services provided by Mphasis Limited. 

9. MindTree Ltd

Mind Tree ltd is an Indian IT company which was established in 1999. The founders of the company are Ashok Soota, Subroto Bagchi, Krishnakumar Natarajan, Parthasarathy NS, Scott Staples, Anjan Lahiri, Kalyankumar Banerjee, Janakiraman, Kamran Ozair and Rostow Ravanan.

Debashis Chatterjee is the CEO and S. N. Subrahmanyan is the vice chairman of the company. There are 23,814 employees working in the company and the total revenue of this company is Rs 11,855 Crore. 


Cloud services, hyper-automated infrastructure, data and intelligence, enterprise application services and applications, digital security, and information technology consulting are the services provided by MindTree. 

10. Hexaware Technologies

Hexaware Technologies is an Indian information technology (IT) and business services company based in Navi Mumbai, India. It was founded by Atul Nishar in 1990 . 

R Srikrishna is the company's new CEO. There are 19,833 employees working in the company and the total revenue of this company is Rs 5,306 crores. 


Data modernization, API & integration, application security assurance, cloud services, Internet of things, autonomous testing, technology advisory & consulting, data visualization and marketing operations are the services provided by Hexaware Technologies.

Which is the best IT company in India 2023 ?

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is considered to be the largest information technology ( IT ) company in India in terms of Revenue and Capital. 


It companies has given so much to the society in terms of quality, efficiency and agility. It has changed our working system with the adaptation of new technologies into business models. IT companies are among the highest payee companies. 

Well the above mentioned companies are the Top 10 IT companies of 2023 in India. I hope this information was helpful for you.  If you have any questions regarding any mentioned topics then let me know through your comments.

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